Arduino Battery Saver | Watchdog and Sleep Functions This example shows how to make use of the Watchdog and Sleep functions provided by the ATMEGA168 chip (decimila). These functions are useful if you want to build low power consuming devices operated by battery or solar power. The reduced power consumption is achieved by through a intermittent operation of the system .In case of Arduino your main
1.5V to 5V/12V DC/DC Converter with LT1073 Small 1.5V to 5V or 12V DC/DC converter with LT1073 chip. The IC is available in three different versions, depending on output voltage. Two with fixed output voltage of 5V and 12V, and the most interesting that can be adjusted. The adjustment is done through a voltage divider with two resistors, of mass, output and Terminal 8, internally connected to the
Shorted Battery Charger Repair | Model: Mosta-ZXR DC 1418C A customer who makes windows out of aluminium brought this battery charger for repair. It was a dead battery charger and this customer wanted it as soon as possible. I was really impressed with this guy because he works with dangerous tools and yet, he was half blind. I do not know how he does it but I was willing to do more than enough to
Adjustable Power Supply Using LM317 For the LM317 electronic regulator : R2 = (192 x Vout) - 240, where R2 in ohms, Vout is in volts and must be at between 1.2 V and 35 V. Vin should be at least 2.5V greater than Vout. Select a wall adapter with a voltage at least 2.5 V greater than your regulated output at full load Maximum output current is 1 A. Use proper heatsink for LM317 if it has to
Easy Power Supply Using LM317 and 2N3055 0-28V 6-8A This is an easy to make power supply which has stable, clean and regulator 0-28V 6/8 Amp output voltage. By using two 2N3055 transistors we become more then 2 times the amount of amps then the power supply delivers, making it real though to brake ;). Although you could use this design to deliver 20 amps (with almost no modifications and with a proper
How To Repair Ethernet Router Short Circuit Problem Recently my company D-link Ethernet broadband router broke down and I can’t access the internet. The problem was no power but there was 5 volts output from the power adapter, so this proof that the router itself not working. As usual we as electronic repairer do not buy any new equipment unless we have inspected the equipment our self. If we
INFINITY TSS -SUB4000 - POWER AMP SCHEMATIC CIRCUIT   The main power transformer (toroid) part: 150-r1107010in the TSS-SUB4000 is not mounted in the amplifier inside the amp cover, but mounted in the cabinet in a separate location. To replace the power transformer, it is necessary to remove the woofer from the cabinet. The mounting bolt and transformer itself is mounted on an internal brace;
Whirlpool dishwasher, Laden, Bauknecht service manual error codes Concerns dishwasher brands Whirlpool (AD series ..), Bauknecht (GS series ..), Laden (C series). Equipped with electronic and manufactured since 1998 (Chassis Dolphin and its evolution). List of failure codes and related solutions ADG6949 and related models These Whirlpool ADG 6949 Dishwasher Error Codes are given for guidance
Testing Laptop CCFL Backlight And Inverter Board | Easy Way We will be concentrating on LCD Inverter and CCFL bulb. Laptop with black screen problem is commonly caused by: 1. a defective backlight, which is the cold cathode fluorescent lamp(CCFL) bulb 2. defective laptop’s inverter board 3. no video output going to the LCD Screen It is not an easy job repairing laptops specially
How to troubleshoot an LCD monitor With external power supply problem Fixing LCD screen power source pack is simpler as compared to the Cathode ray tube screen power source. This is modest and compressed and generally has just one outcome that is 12 volt and varies from 2 Amps to around 4 Amps. Several models works with 18 and 24 volts likewise. These days many LCD power-supplies are constructed in-to
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